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Incredible Breaking Poker News!

Updated: Feb 21

On February 19th, 2023 Patrick Antonius won a record breaking live televised pot of $1,978,000. Antonius, who is well known for winning huge pots had Ah,Qh VS. Eric Persson who was holding Qh,9h. The flop came 8h,3h,3c giving both players a flush draw. Antonius raised $40,000 and Perrson snap raised to $140,000. Antonius re-raised to $250,000 and Perrson called. The turn came As which sealed the hand for Patrick who raised $150,000 to which Persson shoved all in with his remaining chips. After a few seconds Antonius called and it was clear that Persson was drawing dead. The meaningless Js came on the river and after all was said and done Patrick Antonius walked away with close to $2,000,000 on this hand making it the biggest pot in US televised poker history. Watch this absolutely extraordinary and historic hand!

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