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NLA Poker League - FAQ

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

What is the NLA Poker League? The National Loaded8s Association (NLA) #Poker League is a great way for players to show their #skills and compete against players around the globe! The NLA is comprised of 30 teams. During the season, Loaded8s Poker Wars (L8PW) players contribute to their teams by winning games and gaining team points. The NLA Poker #League is now in its 11th season and available on the Web and mobile devices! GENERAL QUESTIONS How does the NLA Poker League work? The National Loaded8s Association (NLA) offers a new way to compete with other players around the world. Each #NLA season is 3 months in length. Standings are determined by team points. Every hand won will award a player and the team they are on a point in the standings. Players on teams ranked highest will receive special awards and benefits in the game. How do I enter the NLA? Once players reach level 5 they will be directed to join one of the 30 teams in the NLA. How long does a Season last? Each season lasts for 3 months. Where can I find information about the current season?

You can access the NLA poker league standings via the trophy menu in the Lobby.

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